Extravaganza September 25-27, 2015  

  • All events are at 

    Place:  St. John’s Cultural Centre  - 10611 – 110 Avenue - Edmonton, Alberta

    Date:  September 25, 26 and 27

    September 25: Friday night 

       Family cabaret:  7:30 to 11pm

        Cost - $10.00

        Come with your family and friends and relax to an evening of music, dance and fun.

    September 26Saturday ( daytime) 

      Workshops – 9 to 12pm

        Cost - $5.00 / per workshop 

        Open stage afternoon – 12:00pm to 4pm

         Free Admission

    Masterclass from 1-3pm with Gordon Kohl and Michael Bridge.

    Bring your questions and bring your accordion for a question and answer session with Gordon and Michael.

    September 26: Saturday (evening)  Dinner/concert 

      Featured performers – Gordon Kohl from San Diego and Michael Bridge.

         -Dinner 6pm (Cocktail hour 5-6pm)

           Cost $30.00

          (Tickets for dinner MUST be ordered in advance at 780-476-6664)

         -Concert 7:30 - 

        Cost $20.00

     September 27: Sunday


           9:15  am- 9:30 am  - 12 years of age and under

           9:30 am - 10:00 am - 13 - 19 years of age 

          10:00 am- "Showcase on Youth" (noncompetitive)

          11:00 - 11:30am - 20 years and up 

          11:30 - Open class (Advanced playing at least at level 8 of Palmer Hughs books  Open to professionals and non-professionals)

    *Note - Times may change depending on the number of entrants.


    Competition categories will be rather broad and the only rule is keep the time to 5 minutes or under. Play your best piece ever in any style you wish.  If your piece is very short you can add another number to make it up to 5 minutes.  Entry fees are still $10.00 per class.  Please e-mail Dianne Tebby at dtmagpie6@gmail.com with your name, phone number (or other contact information) which class you are in and the name of your piece(s).  Please no electronic accordions.

    All tickets except dinner tickets are available at the door, at 780-476-6664 or 780-929-8836.  Contacts for further information:

    Phone:  780-929-8836 or 780-986-0388

    E-mail: ckap@shaw.ca

    Website for updates or changes:  www.edmontonaccordion.com


  • St John's Cultural Centre

    10611 110 Ave NW

    Edmonton, AB T5H 1H7

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